MBEC Global LLC is a worldwide service provider working with government agencies in support of U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives. We conduct major projects in logistics, contingency operations, training, and mentoring; reinforcing security, community stability, and the rule of law.

what we do

MBEC is a small disadvantaged business that provides rapid deployment of personnel, supplies and materials to the U.S Government, its contractors, international organizations, and commercial entities around the world. With personnel in multiple countries, we support clients with staffing, recruiting, transportation, maintenance, project management, recreation, housing, and procurement of goods and services. Our international expertise working in remote dangerous environments and our reputation for rapid deployments have enabled us to become a go-to service provider for our clients.

our primary objective

Our primary objective is to develop, execute, and maintain our projects on schedule with reliability and cost effectiveness. We are committed to accountability, compliance, and quality. Our project management teams are hands-on assessing every project phase from startup to closeout to ensure clients receive the best possible service and supervision. We quickly adapt to the fluid and changing needs of our clients.


Trust and competence are the most important qualities to look for in choosing the right contractor. These qualities are paramount to our customer's success and satisfaction. Our philosophy is to provide superior workmanship, professional management and team work. At MBEC, we consistently perform in a manner that distinguishes us from our competition by demonstrating precise planning and providing the service we promise.

employee leasing

MBEC removes the burden of Human Resource Management (HRM). We recruit, screen, and manage contract employees in 23 different occupational categories, including Engineering, Information Technology, Construction, and Project Management. Our team of skilled HR professionals provides recruiting, screening, security clearance processing, background checks, and personnel management for client companies in multiple countries around the world. Our clients can expect professional contractors who match the requirements and meet the challenges of their projects.


MBEC provides Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services to domestic and international clients in diverse industries including oil and gas, manufacturing, power, utilities, metals, and mining.


MBEC has an experienced global construction workforce committed to Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) excellence building projects around the world using recent and relevant construction technologies and systems.


MBEC procurement provides services for industrial clients and local, state, and federal government agencies. We promote project cost controls and schedule certainty by managing the purchase and delivery of materials and equipment. MBEC has developed a proven system of needs assessment, requirements research, supply channel and delivery management. Our vendor and distribution relationships are well established and MBEC has a reputation for procurement excellence.

Project Management

The MBEC project management team applies proven practices of managing resources, timelines, budgets, and materials to meet the unique needs of each customer's project. We add value by offering services such as investment analysis, cost-benefit analysis, expert surveys, procurement, and contract personnel to provide a more complete package of services that helps our clients avoid the typical pitfalls that cause overruns and scheduling issues.


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Government of Haiti


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